Directly targets fungus beneath the toenail

Treats nail fungus AND warts

FDA Approved

Cutting Edge Toenail Fungus Treatment

Treatment package includes 4 treatments over a year.

(now until 2015)

on our stock of

FDA Approved

Promotes healing without surgery

Used by professional & Olympic athletes and Nike runners

Immediate digital x-ray imaging reduces patient exam time

Eliminates awkward, unsafe patient maneuvering

Superior image quality

Offering our patients the most accurate and complete care.

Our mission is to treat our patients effectively, educate them thoroughly and provide an unsurpassed level of service and professionalism.

EPAT® Technology

The most advanced non-invasive treatment method approved by the FDA to accelerate the healing process to avoid invasive surgery.


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Save yourself the time and energy by printing your forms and filling them out at home before you come to your next office visit.


Fungal Toenail Laser

An FDA approved laser that safely and effectively treats toenail fungus while avoiding any damage to the surrounding nail and skin.


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Happy SSPC Patients

"EPAT worked great! After all my treatments, I feel much better and would recommend it to others."

Lee H. from Wildwood, MO

"Great- Laser works the best to cure nail fungus. Beats any over the counter product. Catch it early and it resolves!"

Suzanne B. from Wildwood, MO

"The EPAT has completely healed my foot. I suffered for 8 months with plantar fasciitis and a tendon tear. After 2 separate injections and numerous other treatments from another doctor (it wasn't until) I came to Dr. Snyder and had the EPAT treatments did I begin to heal. Finally, I am well and I owe it all to Dr. Snyder's office experience."

- Meredith M. from Wildwood, MO

"After receiving five treatments with the EPAT, I am now pain free seven weeks after my first treatment."

Terri T. from Wildwood, MO