Nov 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Baskets for Foot-Weary Warriors

How to Put Together a Neat Gift for Your Favorite Nurse, Teacher, Chef, Postal Carrier, Police Officer, Sales Person, Waiter, Surgeon, Masseuse, Etc.

At Snyder-Stuart Podiatry Centers, we could not be luckier!

Much too often, our patients walk in our doors in pain. Some are in such agony, they are fighting back tears. Then about 90 percent of the time, they walk out of our Podiatry Centers better. Maybe not skipping, but decidedly better.

Of course, some problems take more time to heal than others, and certain difficulties may even require surgery. But finding answers and – at the very least – at path toward becoming pain-free is usually uplifting to our patients.

All of us at Snyder-Stuart Podiatry Centers feel very blessed that we regularly can help people feel better, and often return to their normal activities pain-free after treatment here! We do not take this for granted.

From our satisfied patients, we get a lot of requests this time of year for ways of sharing the “good feet” experience with others. Yes, we have gift certificates for a range of services at SSPC, but we’ve also pulled together several ideas for small gifts, or a gift basket, that you can put together fairly easily. Some of the products we carry in our offices, others can be picked up at a drug or department store, and some may be ordered online.

If you exchange gifts this holiday season with a friend, relative or colleague who spends a lot of time on his or her feet, read on. Here are some ideas and specific directions that might help anyone move to “Happy Feet” status!

1. SSPC Gift Certificate: We love gift certificates! It’s fun to be able to pick out exactly what you want, and on your own time frame. SSPC offers gift certificates for any amount you choose, they are valid for one year and they can be applied to any product OR service SSPC offers. If there is someone who you’ve been nudging to visit SSPC, this is a great incentive!

2. Shoes: At SSPC, we carry a range of casual, running, walking and diabetic shoes designed to protect feet as well as address certain problems. This is something that requires the assistance of our professional staff for the person who is going to be wearing the shoes, so they can’t really be picked out by a third party. However, we do offer gift certificates that can be applied to the purchase of any of our shoes.

3. Insoles & Pads: Obviously we are big believers in foot pads and orthotics, both to help with an existing condition and to prevent damage to the feet. However, again these are custom-fit products which require a professional. If you suspect your gift-receiver would benefit from orthotics, we’d suggest a gift certificate that he or she can apply in our offices.

Here are some suggestions for smaller items that could go in a gift basket or Christmas stocking:

4. Walk Healthy Hygiene Treatments: If you’re a fan of SSPC, then you’ve heard us lecture about the value of hygiene solutions. They are designed to treat existing foot problems and even prevent difficulties down the road. We have sprays for your feet and for your shoes. Both dramatically reduce the growth of bacteria, yeast, mold and a range of foot funguses. They run between $11 and $20, and our staff can help you pick the one that’s right for your purposes.

5. Walk Healthy Arnica Gel Plus: This is a great product for the athlete or runner who regularly gets little twists and sprains. It is a topical gel that reduces the swelling and bruising from an injury. The price is $20 for a 3.3 ounce tube and is available at SSPC.

6. Walk Healthy Exfoliating Lotion: This along with a good pumice stone is one of the best preventive things you can do for your feet. It’s a topical lotion that helps to dissolve calluses and the rough, dry areas on your feet and heels. It runs $20 for an 8-ounce bottle at SSPC.

7. Walk Healthy Moisturizing Crème: If you read our blog for runners and marathoners earlier this Fall, you know how helpful it is to keep feet moisturized and smooth. It cuts down on the formation of calluses and reduces the chance of blisters. The price is $20 for an 8-ounce jar.

8. Walk Healthy Foot & Shoe Powder: This is the best way to wick perspiration away from your foot, and to protect against athlete’s foot. The cost for 4 ounces is $10 and this is available as SSPC.

9. PediFix Wart Stick: This is a popular product for our female patients. Warts on your feet can be painful, and are particularly annoying to those who shave their legs. This is a solid-base wart remover, meaning that the important wart-removal ingredient, salicylic acid, is applied through a wax-based applicator – an improvement over messy liquid products. This wart stick is $8.30, and you can pick it up at any SSPC location.

10. Dr.’s REMEDY Nail Polish: Finally, for the girly girl in your life, consider treating her to the best nail polish on the market today! We really support Dr.’s REMEDY Nail Polish. This product is enriched with naturally occurring antifungal ingredients such as garlic bulb extract and tea tree oil. Developed by a podiatrist, Dr.’s REMEDY has all of the good things and none of the bad!

Dr.’s REMEDY comes in many great colors and runs $20. This month, SSPC is offering a special: Buy three bottles and get the fourth free!

Additionally, if you’d like us to mail this gift to someone for you, we will ship them for free! (The available colors can be seen on our Web site at

We hope this gives you some ideas to shorten your holiday shopping list – and the wear and tear on your feet!

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