Oct 21, 2010

SSPC’s Fabulous Foot Facials

What Are You Giving/Getting for Christmas?

Aesthetic podiatry. Unless you’re a devoted Allure magazine reader, you may not have heard of this emerging branch of medical foot care. After all, 90 percent of our patients first come to SSPC for strictly medical reasons: They are in pain and they need help. Whether it’s an ingrown toenail, an undiagnosed foot fracture, or excruciating heel pain, it is extreme foot discomfort that initially rushes people to our door.

Yet long before “aesthetic podiatry” emerged, we’ve performed certain procedures that fall more into the category of aesthetics rather than strictly medical. For example, foot funguses. This unattractive condition usually does not have powerful medical repercussions, but for those men and women who struggle with it, they often turn to podiatrist for a solution – and we have several solutions to offer our patients.

At SSPC, certainly our No. 1 goal is to provide you with exemplary medical treatment. But we wanted to go a step further beyond just pain-free. We think it’s OK to want your feet to look great as well as feel great. So, a few years ago, we “dipped our toe” into the field of aesthetic podiatry by introducing our SSPC Fantastic Foot Facial.

We were actually drawn to the idea of foot facials after literally thousands of patients over the years came to us to resolve a bad experience they had with an untrained pedicurist. Invariably, the problem was the result of someone who had massaged, manipulated, shaved, cut, trimmed, sliced or punctured the patient’s foot, which then led to bad things. We helped to resolve those problems.

But we got to thinking, “What could we do to go beyond fixing a foot problem to actually promote healthy feet?” Our solution? Fabulous Foot Facials!

What is a foot facial?
It involves a series of procedures, and just the way a good esthetician adjusts a facial to meet the needs of your face, we customize our Fabulous Foot Facials to address your particular needs.
Generally speaking, the SSPC Fabulous Foot Facial usually starts with exfoliation. After soaking in a warm bath, we remove dry, scaled skin and calluses. We may use a foot mask, or glycolic pads to soften and treat certain problem areas.

For “battle-worn” feet, we may do a deep-heated moisturizing mask. And where appropriate, we use creams that promotes the growth of collagen as it fills in fissures or cracks in the skin around the feet.

This all-important moisturizing step also gives us a chance to do a little massaging and make sure everything is in its proper place. Viola! You now have feet that look and feel 10 years younger!

There are additional procedures that we can do during a Fabulous Foot Facial for a separate charge. For instance, Nail Whitening is where we file and shape toenails, then bleach them, much like teeth whitening.

Botox treatments are available for the feet help to control exceptional foot odor and hyperhydrosis, a severe foot-sweating condition. (This is particularly popular with men and the results can last for up to a year.)

What aesthetic podiatry procedures do we not do?
We do not perform liposuction on the toes (yes, really), nor do we shave down bones to move a patient from a size eight to a size six (it’s called the “Cinderella procedure”). These are procedures that have limited demand in Hollywood – and that’s where you’ll have to go to find someone who will agree to do them. We do not.

However, if you are looking for a special gift for a soon-to-be bride, a husband whose feet are shredding your sheets, or a secret indulgence for yourself, give us a call. We can set up an appointment, or arrange for a gift certificate for an SSPC Fabulous Foot Facial!

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