GenesisPlus Fungal Toenail Laser

Podiatrists Neil S. Snyder, DPM, and Meredith Stuart, DPM, of Snyder-Stuart Podiatry Centers in Ellisville have added the new FDA approved Cutera GenesisPlus laser to their practice.

The newly FDA approved laser safe and effectively treats for onychomycosis (toenail fungus) by directly targeting the fungus beneath the toenail while avoiding any damage to the surrounding nail and skin. The average laser procedure takes 10-20 minutes, is conducted in the SSPC office (typically on the initial visit), often takes only one treatment and requires no pain medication. It also allows the patient to resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Results are not immediate, but the laser treatment has proved to be less intensive than previous treatments such as nail trimming, topical and oral medications. Nail trimming does not actually treat the fungus itself. Topical medicines require 12 months of application and have proven to have a low success rate. Oral medicines require being taken for 3 months but have the ability to cause liver or kidney problems. GenesisPlus is a quick, safe, and effective procedure that treats the fungus at the source.

The GenesisPlus laser also treats warts and is covered by most insurance plans.

What our patients are saying…

Genesis Plus Laser Nail Treatment “I have been so thrilled with the look of my nail and with the service that was provided.”
Ann K. of Wildwood, MO


Genesis Plus Laser Nail Treatment “I finally have a new toenail! I have struggled to ‘cure’ a fungal infection of my great toe for the past 6 years.  Last year I began laser treatments and have successfully established a healthy new toenail!!  I am thrilled to be able to wear sandals this spring/summer and not be embarassed by an ugly nail.  Thanks!!”
Karen K. of Arnold, MO